In certain cases, to be granted by the Information and Press Service, the logotype and the lion used alone may be affixed to a garment (except official uniforms of the ministry or administration). They are to be positioned in such a way that they are easily identifiable, legible and aesthetic.

The logotype and the lion used alone can be used in three versions: colour, negative or black.


The size of the logotype on this type of gadget is to be adapted according to the size of the garment. The logotype can then, and in this case only, be smaller than the minimum size allowed by this chart, provided that it remains legible and aesthetic.

Clothing with logotype

The logo is affixed only once on the garment (front, behind ...).

Clothing with the lion used alone

On clothing, the lion used alone must always be used in combination with the logotype. In this case, the two elements cannot be placed on the same side of the garment.

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