Basic components of the logotype

Description of the logotype of the government

The logotype features a red lion, inspired by that of the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Several changes have been made in terms of the graphic design in a bid to stylise and modernise the visual identity of the government, while maintaining its formal appearance.

The logotype aims for obvious simplicity, prompting spontaneous memorisation and immediate recognition.

Modern and dynamic, the logotype also embodies the dignity of a national emblem. Its serenity inspires confidence, while bringing its issuer closer to the citizen.

Objective of the charter 

The objective of the present graphic charter is to ensure consistent use of the graphic identity of the Luxembourg government.

Consistent use of the logotype:

  • gives the government a true identity;
  • allows for quick and easy identification of the issuer;
  • makes the unity of governmental action more perceptible;
  • enhances the image of the government;
  • reinforces the connections among ministries, administrations and services;
  • represents a unifying identifier, reflecting national values.

Whom does this charter apply to?

The present charter applies to all the ministries, administrations and services of the Luxembourg government, as well as to graphic designers, agencies or printing companies acting on their behalf.

As a matter of fact, in its session of 14 May 2004, the Government Council decided that the logotype was to be used by all the ministries, administrations and services in their communications with third parties. The objective was to give the government a unique visual identity. The various logotypes of the ministries, administrations and services that existed previously have thus been replaced by the logotype of the government.

By deduction, state co-branding is not authorised, given that the logotype of the government is the unifying identifier.

Accordingly, only the logotype of the government shall feature on all communications of the ministries, administrations and services, irrespective of the medium used. The logotype must for instance feature on letterhead paper, publications, business cards, compliment cards, folders, pads, badges, adverts, posters, TV adverts, cinema adverts, films, signs, stands, gadgets, etc.

Conditions of use of the logotype

Only the ministries, administrations and services of the Luxembourg government have the right to use the logotype. Users shall respect the rules set out in the present graphic charter. 

Since the logotype of the government represents a unifying and unique identifier, it may not be modified, distorted, reworked or used other than in the circumstances provided for by the present graphic charter.

Only the Information and Press Service of the Government (SIP) is authorised to supply the logotypes in its various formats. No other person/body may take this initiative.

The SIP is entrusted with monitoring the application of the present graphic charter.

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