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This website is published by the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg Government, which has been tasked with the application of the graphic charter of the logotype of the government.

Quality standard

A quality website is a site that fulfils the needs, expectations and logic of its users. This is clearly impossible to achieve without the involvement of the user, which is why Renow (Web Standardisation Reference System) takes a user-focused approach.

At the same time, Renow proposes a criteria grid, which is regularly updated by the CTIE  following feedback from users, customers, web specialists and the daily review of web standard developments.

To ascertain the level of compliance of this website, please consult its compliance certificate.

Renow Web Standardisation Reference System

Renow embodies the official Standardisation Reference System for the websites of the Luxembourg government. This site has been produced within this reference framework.

Renow aims to provide guidance and assistance in matters of web quality to public organisms wishing to create a portal or a website. It is based on feedback collected in the context of government web projects over recent years and on the evolution of internationally recognised standards.

Renow integrates numerous aspects of standardisation, including:

  • quality standards for all the state websites (functional aspects, common features – e.g. “Contact”, “Feedback”, etc. – ergonomic aspects, accessibility aspects, information architecture aspects, functional design and graphic design aspects – along with setting up a “corporate identity” – technical aspects, along with setting up a central infrastructure),
  • project management aspects, by suggesting an adaptation (or “tailoring”) of the QUAPITAL-HERMES project management guidelines.

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