Letterhead and continuation paper

Letterhead paper

When drafting any administrative correspondence, please also consult the SIP Guide de rédaction (Style Guide), which can be downloaded from the portal www.gouvernement.lu, under the "Publications" section.

Logotype: height of 20 mm
Margins: top: 20 mm, bottom: 12 mm, left: 25 mm, right: 20 mm
Footer: maximum two lines.

Barcode: 12 mm from left and bottom

This information is intended for administrations that use barcodes on their documents.

If the issuers of the letter include several ministries/administrations/services, the logotype to be appended to the top of the page must be the one that features nothing but “THE GOVERNMENT OF THE GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG”, so as not to overload the top of the letter. The title of the ministry /administration/service appears in the signature section of the letter, as does the position of the signatory or signatories. 

Continuation paper

Continuation paper retains the logotype in the top left but the footer disappears.

  Fonts Size Line Spacing Colour
Text Calibri 12 pt Single Black
Footer (printed) Thesis Sans Semi Light Plain 8 pt 10 pt Cool Gray 11 C
Footer (Word) Calibri 8 pt Single


The size of the text of the letter may be adapted depending on the length of the text. Nevertheless, the minimum acceptable font size is 11 pt to ensure the text remains legible.

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