Colour versions

The logotype of the government comes in two colours, as well as in a monochrome version.

Illustration of 1. Red Logotype; 2. Negativ Logotype; 3.Black Logotype
  Colour(s) Description
1 485 C, Cool Gray 11 C The official logotype is always in two colours: the lion in red, the line and the font in grey.
2 Negative (white) The logotype may be used in a negative version on a colour background.
3 Black The use of the logotype in black is to be avoided whenever possible.

Gold and silver colours

The versions of the logotype in gold and in silver are an exception and are used above all for invitation cards.

Logotype in [1] gold and [2] silver.
  Pantone Colour 
1 872 C
2 877 C

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